Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas List 2012

The picture above is my dog Axel Rose.  I don't think he likes the reindeer ears but he is slowly getting used to them.  Last year he would squint his eyes whenever he had them on. 

Well my Christmas List is short this year and usually every year.  I usually don't get gifts unless I am buying them for myself so no need for an extensive list.

I would like new Silhouette blades and mats, white ankle socks, a few pairs of jeans, new sneakers, pillows (thanks Axel for chewing mine up!) , and a leather belt. Short and sweet.  Probably won't get any of it...oh well such is life. Oh I forgot one thing that I know for sure I won't get but I  am just putting it out there.  I would love a Christmas boyfriend...ha ha ha

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!


  1. Merry Christmas Kristin! I wish I could snap my fingers and send you that Christmas Boyfriend....he would be fly, fabulous, good and wonderfully just right! LOL!

  2. Happy, happy to you love. I do pray your wishes come true! ((HUGS))

  3. Classy can you send me one too???? LOl. Kristin, I am with you, I usually have to buy my own gifts too so it ain't that bad. At least you know you will be getting something you like. Have a Blessed Holiday.

  4. Oh I forgot to mention that the dog looks adorable.

  5. Axel is sportin' the reindeer ears! Too cute! As for goodies, I hope that Santa had some surprises up his sleeve! Merry Christmas and thanks for participating in this week's blogger challenge!